Training & Development
New hires go through a compulsory, intensive, four-month training program at the state-of-the-art training facility. From senior management to delivery staff, every employee participates in the training that aims to develop and enhance the employee’s skills. The training structure that we adhere to is professionally designed.

An in-house training department has developed training methodologies that focus on legal compliance and process adherence. The management team plays a key part in the training process, providing active training on the floor and in the classroom. The curriculum also takes the form of a broad spectrum of training modules, multimedia courseware and collaborative tools.

The Training program includes:
1. Process specific / client specific training
2. Industry trends
3. Team work and Operational excellence
4. American Laws of Confidentiality and Ethics
5. American English
6. American Accent comprehension programs and exercises
7. American business language and it's usability
8. Mock Scenarios
9. Behavioral Training
10. Key board & reference skills, stress and crisis management,and relaxation techniques

Training and skill refinement is an ongoing process that results in a highly motivated, quality conscious workforce. The training cycle includes constant benchmarking against industry standards to ensure strict adherence to quality processes and legal compliance.

There is a continuous revamping of training materials and valuable feedback which helps to improve training efforts. This ensures competitive performance and a predictive level of service quality.

Training needs are identified through the competency mapping process, confirmation review process, the Performance Appraisal process, project specific requirements or ad hoc requirements. Training does not end once a skill has been acquired. It is an ongoing process to ensure that the employee productivity gets a boost from time to time to provide the best results to Clients.