The founders and the Executive Management Team of Proskribe Services are qualified professionals with rich and varied experiences in ITES and BPO’s. As part of our diversification and expansion plans, we are keen to venture into other areas of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services. We hope to leverage our current position with our valued client base by offering other outsourcing services.

Vision, Mission, Values, and Service

Our Vision
To emerge as a Global BPO business by 2012, addressing the expanding needs of the Healthcare industry. We consistently aim to provide superior quality services to our clients and cater to their specific needs with the highest industry standards.
Serving Humanity

No matter who they are, or what part of the world they live in, people define themselves by the work that they do. It’s unavoidable. Work can make us feel appreciated or ignored, connected or isolated, competent or foolish; and have a profound effect on every part of our lives. At Proskribe Services, we believe that when people are in jobs they love, they are not only more productive employees, they are also better parents, friends, partners and neighbors. Our work is to make this happen for everyone. It’s our passion—our purpose—and it’s how we serve humanity worldwide every day.

Our Mission
To provide exceptional quality services to all our clients
To meet TAT with 98.5% accuracy
To strictly follow HIPAA regulations
To delight our customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations consistently and always deliver within the agreed time-frame.

We do this by:
Listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and building trusting and enduring relationships
Recruiting and training a world class work force
Being process oriented
Leveraging technology to enhance accuracy, improve speed, and reduce costs
Expanding the business and providing job opportunities

Our Values:
Humanity: Integrity, diversity, learning and talent
Opportunity: Employee ownership and rewards based on performance
Personal Fulfillment: Having fun, helping one another and fulfilling our dreams
Excellence: Growth and profit through extreme service

Our Extreme Service:
Proskribe Services’ Extreme Service Hierarchy involves five levels of commitments: Accuracy, Timeliness, Responsiveness, Proactive and Teach.

The foundation of Extreme Service begins with Accuracy. Proskribe Services views Accuracy as being precise and consistent, and delivering products and services in the format originally agreed upon. Timeliness means delivering products and services in an efficient and timely manner. Responsiveness guarantees that we are accessible to clients and provide immediate and reliable service.

Being proactive means that we anticipate challenges to ensure all client needs are met. The pinnacle of Extreme Service is Teach. Proskribe Services shares best practices and lessons learned with clients to provide unparalleled support. By incorporating these five levels of Extreme Service, Proskribe Services provides unsurpassed customer service to each of our clients