MT Training program at Proskribe Services is patterned on the guidelines set by the American Association for Medical Transcription, which is an autonomous body for everything related to Medical Transcription. The training program comprises of three months of classroom training and one month of On-the-Job-Training; details of which are given below:

Classroom Training Session:
The Classroom Training Session is for a duration of three months and it includes medicine language training, English and Grammar training, transcription and accent training, training in computer skills, typing and transcription of basic pre-recorded tapes, popularly known as BMT and AMT tapes.

Here, the trainees develop skills in computer keyboard and typing, improve their knowledge of American English including grammar, accent and comprehension, and learn about Medical terminology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Laboratory Procedurses, Medical concepts and ethics, writing and formatting of Medical Reports. Regular tests ensure positive tracking of the trainees' progress to enable timely corrective action and also ensure good performance of the trainees.

On-the-Job-Training (OJT) session:
On-the-Job-Training session is for duration of one month and it involves transcription practice, initially with 'dead' audio files and later with 'live' audio files. Here, the trainees are exposed to a typical production environment. At the end of this session, the trainees are in a position to transcribe 'live' audio files at good speed and with fair accuracy.